Corporate Services

 International marketing and financing of advanced hydrogen fuel cells 
 Development for foreign trade and business requiring visits with heads of state
■ Funding of start-ups, expanding entities, emerging technologies and trade programs

Medical device regulation, registration research, U.S and international marketing and product development
 Servicing one of the largest insurance companies in Asia
 Marketing of US Government Employees Association
■ Promotion and marketing of Boeing Aircraft in Southern Asia
 Expanding client base for a fund management firm
■ Identify and negotiate crude oil projects
 Negotiating settlement of foreign government debt for corporations & individuals
 Marketing large scale services such as maintenance and cleaning to private and government sectors
 Coordinating international merger and acquisitions for over 25 clients

 Establishing world-class board of advisors and directors for numerous companies

 Expanding land development projects in South Korea
 Developing a national sales team marketing telecom services




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