Mark D. Siljander, Former Member of the United States Congress

After spending nearly 25 years in Washington, DC power circles and traveling to 120 countries, I have learned that forging coalitions through a vast network of high-level international contacts can get things done. “Power politics” is the art of accomplishing the impossible through a winning strategy by using a team of highly placed professionals.

GSI was formed with that principal as the foundation, to serve domestic and international clients effectively and successfully.


My own grandfather came to America with only $14.00 in his pocket and unable to speak English. Like other immigrants before and since, he overcame the obstacles before him and pursued an idea, a vision. He invented the mechanical pencil, successfully marketed his idea and it remains a tool still used throughout the world today. He used the advantage that his arrival in America offered him to build a better tomorrow for his children and grandchildren.

It is the philosophy of GSI to harness that “spirit” of hard work, creativity, and a positive attitude so that we can solve challenges with our clients, not just for them.

I would be privileged to assist you in achieving your dreams.

Most Sincerely,

Mark D. Siljander
Founder of GSI

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